West Coast Dorado – Fish Tales Charters

With everyone saying that the tuna season is over I decided to explore the waters less traveled up our Westcoast.

That’s the beauty of my Carry Cat, she’s big enough to handle our Cape Town waters & I’m still able to tow her to where the fish are, so when the other guys says there’s no fish, Fish Tales can still go to where the fish are.

After a few days of planning for the trip, confirming where the trawlers are & examining the SST’s & Chlorophyll charts I’m convinced that I have a viable chance of getting some fish on the boat & we set the date for Sunday the 29th of May.

6am & its dark & cold at Yzerfontein harbour, there’s only one other boat with us & they are running to Dassen Island to look for some Yellowtail. As we head out there’s a thick bank of mist, creating very dangerous conditions. I ask two crew to be the lookout on each side of the boat, Radar on & rout set on the plotter & autopilot to the fishing grounds. At least after about 15 nautical miles the mist clears & after another 15nm we get to the fishing grounds.

As we reach the fishing grounds I see skipjack jumping & its lines in, about 30min after lines in we get the first strike, I look back & see the smash on the daisy chain, with a short run, but the fish came off.. at least there’s life here. I double back on the line where I got the strike & the other daisy gets a strike with the fish taking almost half the line off a 50w Tiagra. Is this a tuna? As Werner gets tension on the line we get a spectacular show by a Dorado, jumping completely out of the water twice! I could not believe my eyes, what a beautiful sight it was. I’m not sure who was more excited, me or Werner fighting the fish. Here we are on the waters of the West-coast catching Dorado!

After 15min we have our first fish in the boat.

I continued to work the same area, getting another strike, this time its Russel’s turn. Another Dorado takes one of the Daisy’s & runs the poor 30w reel almost empty before Russel even got the rod out of the holder, unfortunately after 10min & with the fish being pretty close to the boat, the hook pulls.

After that it went quite & we worked in closer to the stern trawlers, got one hookup but also lost that fish. A bit later we get another hookup with the fish taking allot of line again but behaving like a tuna. 10Min later the yellowfin tuna is in the boat.

My day was already made with the Dorado, this tuna just put the the cherry on the cake!

On our way back to port we were greeted by a spectacular pod of dolphins, swimming with the boat for about 10min, playing & showing off.. What a day!

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