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Tuna Fishing Charter Cape Town – Cape Point Offshore with Fish Tales Fishing Charters
This package price stays the same for Fish Tales or Fish Tales II with a minimum PAX of 4 & 6 respectively.

How it works: with join a charter you do not need to book the entire boat, we try & arrange a charter with the minimum PAX required to take the boat out to the fishing grounds.


This package is subject to the minimum PAX being filled on the boat.

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Tuna Fishing Charter Cape Town – Cape Point Offshore with Fish Tales Fishing Charters

News Flash: World record Big Eye Tuna of 117.1kg spearfished from Fish Tales in April 2017

With our “Join a charter” packages you do not need to book the entire boat, we will do our best to fill the minimum PAX needed to take the boat out.

Its dark outside & even the rooster’s still sleeping, but you’re up, could hardly close an eye, why? Because today you’r going to the deep on the hunt for Yellowfin tuna. We meet at the launch site in the early hours of the morning, pack the gear on the boat & get settled in for the launch.
As we pass Cape Point the sun is only just starting to appear from behind the Hottontots Holland mountain range, offering spectacular sunrises.

As the sun starts to light up the ocean its like everything comes alive. Birds are flying around looking for baitfish, showing us where the predatory fish are. If the conditions are right, we will catch a few yellowtail at the point on our way out, something for the braai on the boat or at home.

Past Cape Point & en-route to the tuna grounds, the sea never seizes to amaze with its bounty.. There might be a kelp raft or a floating piece of wood that attracts Yellowtail & Dorado, just waiting for us to throw a lure at them.

Its early morning hours & we arrive at our tuna fishing destination. Depending on the conditions we might put in backlines to troll or start baiting.

One reel starts screaming like a radio control car with nitros, then a second & a third… CHAOS! but the type of chaos we like! Everybody fighting a monster Yellowfin Tuna & smiles all round.

Everyday with Fish Tales fishing charters  is a new adventure at sea & brings with it, its own Fishing Tale, to be told around the fire, in the bar or to the perfect stranger on the airplane.

We try our absolute best to help you create your own Fish Tales.

Cape Town, South Africa has some of the richest fishing grounds in the world and holds the current world record Yellowfin Tuna on 10KG line. Your tuna fishing charter will depart off Cape Point in the early hours of the morning outbound to the fishing grounds. There’s always a chance of yellowtail & smaller class tuna en-rout.
Our main target species are Yellowfin tuna that reach sizes of over 100KG in our waters but you could expect to see any of these species during the day:
Yellowfin Tuna, Longfin Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail, Big Eye Tuna, Skipjack & Bonito. If you’re lucky you might even hook up to a Marlin or Bluefin tuna.


All rods (trolling & baiting), gear, terminal tackle, safety equipment & assistance from the crew is provided for. You are welcome to bring your own spinning, popping & jigging gear.

Please enquire about our rental options for specialised popping, spinning & jigging gear.

Click here to have a look at our Trip reports and Gallery for previous trips and current hot spots.

Please ensure you read the “before your charter” section when you make a booking.

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