Fish Tales II

I have always dreamed of owning the perfect fishing vessel & when I got Fish Tales, I thought “this is it”. I’ll never need a bigger or better boat.
Fish Tales is an amazing fishing machine, but we wanted to do more: longer trips & overnight stays. After putting more than 30 000 Nautical Miles on Fish Tales in just over 3 years, we started with the plan to add another vessel to the Fish Tales fleet.

Fish Tales was the first of her range built by Carry Cat. They have been with us from the start, helping to improve her, making modifications & keeping her in shape. It should be no surprise that we wanted another Carry Cat.. In my opinion their flexibility to build a vessel to the buyer specifications, price & after sales service makes them the ONLY choice.

In 2017 after seeing Carry Cat’s new 9m we approached them with the idea of of building a 10m Cat with a 3.5m beam & they were thrilled to take on the mammoth task.
I then started making a few rough sketches & sending through ideas of what layout we wanted.

Carry Cat started with the mould for the hull in March 2018. Then came the big task of working their magic to bring everything that we thought she would look like to life.

Now the real work started. July 2018 we did a site visit & worked through the layout that we wanted. After MANY phone calls, sketches & emails the concept that was only just a thought started to take shape into a work of art.
We got our first photo of her outside of the factory and got Assignment 3 immediately to start with the design of her wrap.

Final artwork

In September 2018 she arrived at the Carry Cat factory in Strand for final finishing & rigging. This is the part where it starts getting tricky, we were not dealing with just one company anymore. Logistics needed to be planned & coordinated between motors rigging, more stainless steel work & off-course the electronics.
Magson Marine started with the rigging of the twin 200HP V6 Yamaha outboards & steering.

I decided that doing the electronics myself would be best & thought to myself “a week would be ample time”. Well let me tell you this, doing a boat like this with all her Raymarine bells & whistles is not for the faint hearted. I ended up spending 3 weeks on her, ran more than 400m of electrical wire & saying some words I would not like to repeat.
On some days my friends would come by, help a little & bring a fresh brew of coffee & lunch which was much appreciated.

At this stage Assignment 3 came through to start wrapping Fish Tales II.

We wanted Fish Tales II to be a Raymarine & Carry Cat work of art. That is exactly how she turned out. Its been a hectic year to come to where we are now but its all been worth it.

Saturday 13 October 2018 was the grand day. We were still to do sea trials & find out what Fish Tales II would do on the water.
Initially I thought that anything over 30kt top speed & fuel consumption close to 3l per nautical mile would be great.
My expectations were exceeded in all categories:
The Yammies pushes her at 38kt’s & she takes the water like a dream with a soft ride & ZERO broaching.
Over 400nm we averaged out at just over 2.9l per NM with the best day at 2.6l & the worst day at 3l.
The cabin is big enough to accommodate 8 people in comfort & the fishing layout is world class.
Driving at night is a pleasure with the Flir thermal camera & Raymarine radar displayed on the Raymarine Axiom XL 24″ display.
We could not be happier with the end product!